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Sports Medicine: Why It's Good for Athletes

Physical activity can help keep you healthy, but it can also come with the potential for injury. This is especially true for professional athletes and those who play sports for fun. Fortunately, treatment by a sports medicine specialist can get you back in the game in no time.

Dr. Jeremy Woodson and our professional team at our office in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, provide a wide range of state-of-the-art care to meet all your orthopedic needs. Whether you're seeking reconstructive surgery, a regenerative medicine treatment, or a sports medicine expert to help with your recovery, we can help you improve your functioning and reduce your pain.

Sports medicine

Whether you've landed wrong on the basketball court, run too many miles, or suffered from another physical fitness activity gone wrong, you're not alone. Over eight million people experience sports or recreation-related injuries each year.

 A sports medicine specialist is well-versed in typical injuries athletes experience. These can include everything from fractures, strains, sprains, and dislocations to cartilage tears, tendinitis, and bursitis. Overuse injuries like tennis elbow and runner's knee are also common ailments that can be treated.


Whether your problem is a sudden injury or resulting from repeated overuse, sports medicine can address pain in the bones, joints, soft tissue, and in a variety of body parts from the hip, knee, foot, and ankle to the neck, shoulder, wrist, and hand.

 Some injuries require medical care which could include platelet-rich plasma and stem cell therapies or minimally-invasive surgical repairs for damage to the ACL, rotator cuff, or another area of the body. If the problem is less severe, treatment may involve steps such as undergoing physical therapy, using a brace, or wearing orthotics.


As any athlete knows, one key to a stellar performance on the court or field is a smart recovery off of it. While getting the right treatment is crucial to making a full return to normal, so is proper rehabilitation.

 Physical therapy can increase mobility and movement by helping you stay limber as well as strengthening your muscles.

 There are also steps you can take to help recover and prevent future injuries. Before beginning a strenuous sport, check-in with Dr. Woodson to make sure your body is in good enough shape to participate. Always perform a warm-up and cool down before and after physical activity and make sure to stretch. If you're feeling tired, rest rather than push through and risk injury. Eat healthy foods and stay hydrated.

 If an injury has derailed you from playing the sport you love, call our office today at 405-233-3602 to begin the road to recovery.

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