Signs of an ACL Injury

Knee pain is nothing new to many athletes and non-athletes alike. A common cause — and important not to ignore — is a torn ACL or anterior cruciate ligament.

With a passion for innovative treatments and preventive services, Dr. Jeremy Woodson and our exceptional team at our office in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, care for people of all ages and activity levels. We can meet a wide variety of orthopedic needs, including diagnosing and treating a torn ACL.

ACL basics

Ligaments play a crucial role in connecting bones to one another. The ACL is one of four ligaments that stabilizes the knee and connects the femur (thigh bone) to the tibia (shin bone).

Often, but not always, ACL injuries occur during sports and other activities that cause added stress to the knee. Movements like stopping quickly or landing awkwardly after jumping put you at risk. Also, suddenly slowing down or changing direction puts stress on your knee. A direct impact to the knee can also result in damage to the ACL.

Signs of an ACL injury

Symptoms of an ACL injury can vary by individual but often include some or all of the following:


Getting a timely diagnosis is essential to know what steps to take toward recovery. That includes a full examination that checks for tenderness and swelling, along with an evaluation of the knee's range of motion which can provide insight into the extent of the damage and whether the ACL is sprained or completely torn. X-rays are also performed to rule out a bone fracture.


Immediately after the injury, rest with the knee elevated on pillows, ice it for 20 minutes every two hours when awake, and wear an elastic bandage for compression.

Long-term treatment depends on the seriousness of the damage. If the ACL has simply been sprained, rest and physical therapy are the typical recommendations. In cases where it has been significantly torn or ripped in half, ACL reconstruction is often required using minimally invasive arthroscopic or robotic surgery.

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