Preparing Your Home for Recovery After Knee Surgery

Many people getting ready for knee surgery make changes like stopping smoking, eating healthier, and, if their doctor recommends it, adjusting their medications. Almost as important as getting your body ready for the procedure, however, is preparing your home in advance to make sure it is as safe and maneuverable as possible.

Whether you need knee surgery or have another orthopedic issue, Dr. Jeremy Woodson and our highly skilled team at our office in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, can help. We provide innovative, evidence-based treatments for injuries as well as preventive care to assist in keeping you active and on-the-go.

Home preparations

Regardless of the type of knee surgery you undergo, there will be some amount of recovery involved. Fortunately, there are steps you can take before the procedure to make life easier afterward.

Remove hazards

Having enough space to maneuver — ideally, at least three feet to walk through— is key. Consider moving furniture if certain pieces are situated too tightly together, and put away smaller objects like your kid’s toys and decorations. Be sure there are no electrical cords or wires that could get caught on a walker or crutches.

Add helpful items

Handrails in the shower or bathtub and near the toilet (as well as a raised toilet seat) can make maneuvering in the bathroom easier. Putting a ramp over outdoor steps can help too. 

The risk of a fall is greater after knee surgery so consider putting something textured on slippery floors and wearing non-skid socks. A walker or other device can also help with stability, and a nightlight can aid visibility if you are up and about at all hours.

Create a recovery area

Moving around is important to the healing process, but there will also be a lot of time spent sitting and resting. Choose one location with a recliner or other type of sturdy chair with arms that is easy to get in and out of. In addition, you should have a footstool so you can raise your legs.  

The recovery area should also have anything you might need to prevent having to get up and down too often. This could include your phone and charger, TV remote, books and tablets, glasses, water, snacks, medication, and more.

Depending on the layout of your house you may need to create a new temporary sleeping area as well if your bedroom is on the second floor and requires going up and down stairs.

Recovery from knee surgery can take time and patience but making preparations for your home beforehand can help make the process easier. If you’re having knee issues and are seeking relief, call our office today at 405-233-3602 or book your appointment online to explore what treatment might be right for you.

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