Bad Habits That Are Making Your Shoulder Pain Worse

Bad Habits That Are Making Your Shoulder Pain Worse

Shoulders are both our most flexible and complex joints. But that flexibility can result in a variety of injuries caused by accidents, repetitive motions, or bad habits.

At our private practice in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Dr. Jeremy Woodson and our team meet a variety of orthopedic and sports medicine needs with proven and advanced treatments. We can help with many joint issues, ranging from the shoulder and knee to the foot, ankle, hip, and more with advanced treatment protocols or surgery when needed.

The shoulder

The shoulder is an amazing joint because its unique anatomy allows arm movement in almost every direction. That is accomplished by three bones, almost a dozen muscles, and many ligaments and tendons. 

With so many moving parts, however, some issues are bound to occur. The good news is by knowing what bad habits can lead to problems, it may be possible to avoid discomfort and injury.

Bad habits

Many daily actions can have a negative effect on the shoulder. Some examples include:

Poor posture

Poor posture when sitting or standing can impact the positioning of the shoulder as well as the amount of space available for movement. With poor posture, muscles can’t operate as efficiently or work together as well. Over time it can cause problems with pain and range of motion.

Challenges at work

Certain repetitive motions at work can eventually cause shoulder issues. That can include swiping items at a checkout station, working with the arms above the shoulders, using power tools that cause vibration, and sitting at a computer station that is not ergonomically friendly.

Improper exercise routines

Even exercise — which is supposed to make us healthier — can result in shoulder issues. Problems can occur if you don’t warm up before beginning a sport or rigorous workout. Improper strength training can also cause shoulder injuries. 

While many of the bad habits that can cause shoulder pain are an unavoidable part of life, there are steps you can take to stay as healthy as possible. Concentrate on good posture and set up ergonomic workstations. Try to rotate between tasks to give the shoulders a rest and take periodic breaks. Even a 30-second microbreak of shaking out the hands and arms every half hour or a short walk every so often can make a difference. Be sure to warm up properly, and don't forget to strengthen the shoulder muscles.

If you are already experiencing shoulder pain, it's essential to see a doctor for a proper diagnosis and personalized treatment plan before any injuries or damage worsen. Call our office today at 405-233-3602 for an appointment.

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