7 Reasons to Consider a Total Knee Replacement

7 Reasons to Consider a Total Knee Replacement

No one wants to undergo surgery, but sometimes, it’s necessary. While less invasive methods are always used first, in some cases, you need surgery to return to a fully active life.

Dr. Jeremy Woodson and our exceptional team offer state-of-the-art orthopedic care to people of all ages and activity levels at our private practice in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Whether you need a total knee replacement, have an ACL tear, or are experiencing arthritis, we can help by using advanced surgical techniques, platelet-rich plasma, stem cell therapies, and more.

Knee anatomy

Knees are complicated joints. They consist of three bones (thighbone, shin bone, and kneecap), cartilage to reduce friction, and a special membrane that lubricates the joint. Ligaments and tendons provide support and aid in controlling the joint's movement.

Knee replacement surgery

Also known as knee arthroplasty, total knee replacement surgery is often needed due to damage caused by arthritis. A significant knee injury may also require this type of surgery.

During the procedure, metal alloys are used to resurface the ends of the two leg bones, while high-grade polymers and plastics replace the diseased cartilage. The result is an enhanced knee joint that moves smoothly, easily, and without pain.

Reasons for a total knee replacement

Total knee replacement is a significant surgery and not something to be decided on lightly. However, there are several circumstances where it may be the best option to improve your quality of life. These include:

Good candidates

Deciding if a knee replacement is right depends on the level of pain or disability. Often people are 50-80 years, but there are no age or weight restrictions.

To help with the decision, a medical history will be collected, and a physical exam performed to check knee motion, strength, stability, and leg alignment. X-rays will be taken and evaluated and, in some cases, additional tests, like a blood test or MRI, will be required.

If you're experiencing knee pain and have not found relief with interventions, like medications, cortisone shots, and physical therapy, it’s time to consider total knee replacement. Call our office today at 405-233-3602 for an appointment and learn how we can help.

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